Leh Ladakh Car Trip

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Ajanta Boro

We had a great experience renting out a bike for our 6 days of tour. What we wanted was a well maintained bike since we were travelling all by ourselves and we just got that and much more. For one of the off-roading routes, we were allowed to join their tour group so that we had the support if needed, just in case. All along, very friendly team and professional services. Recommend them %, if you are looking forward to a bike tour in Laddakh.

Shivkumar Jayaram

Recently we as a group had an opportunity to use their services on a bike trip in Ladakh. I really really applaud Dawa, Phunchok and their team in organising a flawless itinerary. They made sure all the group members were taken care of in terms of comfort and more importantly safety. They were so supportive and caring too. Really appreciate their services and am looking forward to another trip with them.

Bikash Doley

Well maintained fleet of bikes. Every evening post ride the bikes are checked and maintained. We experienced this when we were riding alongside a group tour which they were leading. Even though we were not a part of the group (but happened to be riding on the same route at the same time) even our bike was checked and maintained.

Mihisara Hettithanthri

I’ve booked a full tour from Endeavour Ladakh all the way from Melbourne Australia and they provided excellent service and great bikes for my trip. Highly recommended and best in Ladakh.

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