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Being motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, we believe that the best advice we can give to our customers is to enjoy the fresh air and the vast expanse of the wilderness of Ladakh. This cannot be done sitting inside in a car running on tight schedules from sight to another. At least, one motorcycle trip is a must, we feel, to enjoy one day of abandon, self-exploration, and meeting Ladakh. It’s a magical experience. Once-In-Ladakh Ride is specially made for this reason. We have compiled a discrete sets of routes, all one day or two, to give you a solid information on the various route possibilities. If you have booked your trip with us, we encourage your to integrate a motorcycle day in your trip (of course, if you can ride one!). If you have booked your trip with another agency, just let us or your agency know. We can coordinate with your tour operator. No problem!
  “When so much trouble of getting to this remote region of the world is borne by our visitors, a motorcycle ride in Ladakh is a must do – the perfect icing-on-the-cake experience!”



This one-day trip is ideal for a laid back day enjoying your motorcycle ride without stressing over high altitude and over exhaustion. It covers beautiful regions and monasteries around Leh town and gives you a perfect experience to absorb at a beautiful pace. We generally suggest this route as a warm-up route for all those daredevils as well as to those on a college tour or honeymoon tour as breather from their tight itinerary


To prepare and digest once-in-a-lifetime experience scaling the highest motorable road in the world at 5,359 m (17,582 ft) above sea level, you got to dedicate one day motorcycling up and coming back down to Leh. If your itinerary permits, check out the Valley of Flowers (described below) where you can continue and extend your experience


Lamayuru is also located towards west of Ladakh, slighted off the road from National Highway. It is known to make some beautiful subjects for photographers particularly at sunset. You can also add few other inland villages to have a visit or go camping in Temisgam on the way back


The Sham Valley is toward the west of Ladakh. There are too many places to visit in this region. A must visit is Alchi Monastry. It is one of the oldest monastery (See Monastery information on our website to know more). Just a km or two from the monastery is a newly constructed dam that has a capacity of 5 MW. Likir Monastery, the sangam of three rivers where all rivers with different colours merge, Guru pather sahib - holy sight for our brothers of Sikh religion, Likir Monastery makes this one day trip packed and worth the ride!


To the west of Ladakh rests the beautiful Valley of Flower - Nubra. Nubra region is located toward the north of Leh and at a lower altitute (10000 ft) than the rest of Ladakh. However, to get there, one has to cross the highest motorable road in the world at 5,359 m (17,582 ft) - the khardungla pass. Nubra has many facets and it will become obvious once you start descending from the Khardungla peak. Small hamlets, small waterfalls, famous Diskit Monastery, double humped camels in Nubra desert, and the 32 metre statue of Maitreya Buddha near Diskit Monastery facing down the Shyok River offers an eclectic mix to keep one entertained.


Passing via a high peak at 1500 ft above sea level, this route is toward the famous Pangong Lake which is partly in indian territory and partly in China. Yes, you are right! You can see China from here (Well...technically)! In addition, the climax of the superhit bollywood movie 3 IDIOTS was filmed here. It offers a spectacular view. Bring your wide lens camera to capture this beauty! Bear in Mind, this trip will take 2 days on Motorcycle and may need to book a tent at the camping place or bring your own tents and amenities for an overnight stay!


This trip is toward the east of Ladakh. This route provides a journey into the real rustic Ladakh in the Changthang region. Most places are situated close to China and fear not, it is very safe. Highlights include Tsokar lake, the beautiful Tsomo-riri Lake, nomads who rear pashmina goats! You can bring a tent, basic amenities, and camp at Tsomo riri lake. This is a beautiful lake where you can find other campers and enjoying a day of hygge (a danish term of warm, cosy, fussy, jammy -if you bring a guitar, atmosphere! !


Your chose any one or a combination of the itinerary and however spread during your stay in ladakh. Just remember to book in advance to secure your ride


HEMIS-SHEY-THIKSAY GALORE 1 DAY Single rider: ₹1300 (USD 20) Double rider: ₹1800 (USD 26) Royal Enfield 350 cc engine (recommended)
KHARDUNG-LA DAREDEVILS 1 DAY Single rider: ₹1600 (USD 24) Double rider: ₹2200 (USD 32) Royal Enfield 500 cc engine (must)
WINDING WAYS OF LAMAYURU 1 DAY Single rider: ₹1300 (USD 20) Double rider: ₹1800 (USD 26) Royal Enfield 350 cc (doable).
FANTABULOUS SHAM VALLEY 1 DAY Same as above Same as above
VALLEY OF FLOWER BEKONS 2 DAYS Single rider: ₹1600 (USD 24) Double rider: ₹2200 (USD 32) Royal Enfield 500 cc engine (must)
3 IDIOTS TO PANGONG 2 DAYS Same as above Royal Enfield 500 cc engine (must)
WELL, HELLO CHINA! 1-2 DAYS Same as above Royal Enfield 500 cc (recommended)
YOUR CHOICE, OUR COMMAND 1-x DAYS Contact us! Contact us!


1. Students 5% off (Bring your valid student ID). 2. Groups with 5 person or more, 5% off. 3. 30 day advance booking, 5% off for all groups. 4. For more than 1 day of continuous booking, discount of ₹100 per day after the first day. For example, if you book 2 days together, we give you cash return of ₹100 and if 3 days, ₹ 200 and so on. DISCLAIMER: Only a combination of any two of the above discounts can be applied at one time.



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