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Moonlight Exclusive Cultural Tours

Friendly and extremely hospitable, a natural joie-de-vivre, ancient traditions, wizened monks, ancient famous monasteries, Tibetan form of Buddhism, socio-religious festivals, fertile fields ripening for harvest, Archery, Polo, dance and song. This is what Ladakh’s culture is all about.

The Spectacle that is Rajasthan

Rajasthan the ” Land of Princes ” still living in its’ historic past. Palaces, castles and forts of stunning artistry, a romantic background for noble people legendary for their courage and valour, richly adorned in splendid colours and traditional jewellery.

Trekking in Indian Himalaya

Our trek options range from one day walks around Leh, visiting monasteries or walking up mountain ridges to longer treks involving 2-4 weeks of walking through spectacular trails and camping in breathtaking sites. While the shorter treks can be done in May the longer ones start from June and go on till early October.

Explore Buddhist Sector

Buddhism came into being in northeastern India , during the period from the late 6th century to the early 4th century BC, a period

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